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4 Tips For Planning Your Beach Wedding

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Having a beach wedding allows you to be more casual, have just close friends and family in attendance, and save some money. Here are some tips for having a beautiful and memorable beach wedding.

Plan On More Casual Attire

While you can still wear a wedding dress to a beach wedding, it should be lighter and more subtle than what you might wear to a big ceremony in a church. This is because you are limited when walking in the sand. You should wear a dress that isn't big and heavy, and doesn't have a train. It is also a good idea to either wear sandals or go barefoot. Heels can be a nightmare at a beach wedding. Skip the veil as well, as they tend to blow around and become a pain. Let the bridesmaids wear more casual dresses with sandals and include casual wear with the groom and groomsmen.

Find a Secluded Area

The problem with beach weddings is that you often have onlookers who are walking by. The best thing you can do is try to find a secluded area of the beach or choose a day and time when there won't be a lot of people. Having it in the middle of the day during summer is not a good idea. However, if you can plan it during one of the colder months, but in modest weather, you should be okay. Try to have it in the middle of the week to reduce how many people will be at the beach. If your local beach lets you put up canopies, that adds some privacy as well.

Select Your Flowers Very Carefully

You will want to add some light décor for your beach wedding without going overboard. Flowers are a great option for any beach wedding, but you need to remember that the weather and temperature affect fresh flowers. Try to choose flowers that can handle heat and direct sunlight, otherwise you won't be happy with how they look when the wedding is taking place. Some flowers that work great for beach weddings include plumeria and orchids, as well as chrysanthemums.

Choose a Beach Near a Hotel

Unless you are having the beach wedding locally and most guests will be local, you should plan for having people stay at a hotel like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre. A great option is to choose a hotel with a beach right in front of it. Not only is this more convenient for anyone traveling for the wedding, but the hotels often provide beach wedding packages. This might include décor and setting up a private area for the ceremony, having a small reception, or even a large reception in one of their ballrooms.