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Three Tips To Score Cool Points When Planning A Corporate Retreat To The Bahamas

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If you are in charge of a planning the corporate retreat for your office, you can score major points with your coworkers and the higher ups by making the trip awesome. If you have a budget to work with and you have the leeway of being able to plan the trip the way that you want, consider going on a retreat to a relaxing place, like the Bahamas. This location is quick and easy to get to from the United States. These islands offer easy fun and are used to constant visitors. If you are interested in planning a trip to the Bahamas, here is how you can go all out and score points at work. 

Get an air charter to the Bahamas

Instead of handing out many plane tickets, it is easier to charter a plane for everyone to fly to the Bahamas. Chartering a plane for all of the employees is less paperwork and it means that you can do a head count before leaving. This means no one is left behind and needs to be rebooked, which can be a headache for those who are planning. Since a charter plane is likely the price of many plane tickets, this can also be a source of savings for the business. 

Find an all inclusive resort

One of the reasons why you should consider the Bahamas for a corporate retreat is because you can find an all inclusive resort on an island easily. Find a resort that offers rooms, meal service, and activities for everyone to participate in at their leisure. Since you are booking for a corporate retreat, ask the resort to throw in a daily conference room so that you all can go about your meetings. Be sure to make a schedule that allows for the attendees of the retreat to take advantage of meal times and activities. 

Make the visit complimentory for the speaker

For a corporate retreat, a guest speaker or specialist is one of the main focuses. If you are planning to find a speaker, offer them a complimentary trip and room at the resort. Being that the resort is all inclusive, this will be just the cost of another room. If they fly along in the chartered jet, it will also be a nominal fee to get the speaker to the site with everyone. Many speakers would be interested in taking a free trip to the Bahamas in exchange for motivational speaking or offering technical and learning advice.