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Tips for an Awesome Private Group Tour

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Whenever you visit a new place, taking a private group tour is a great way to get to know the area and see the top sights. With a small group, you have a chance to ask lots of questions. You still get the comradery of having other people along on your tour, but not the hassle of a large crowd. If you just show up to the tour and participate, you'll likely have an awesome time. But if you follow the tips below, you can have an even more amazing time.

Book a tour with a theme.

Rather than taking a general tour of the city, pick a tour with a theme you enjoy. For example, if you're a foodie, you could take a food tour of your destination. If you love plants, you could take a garden tour. Specific tours like this often mean the guide has a more in-depth knowledge of the topic and shares more than surface-level details. With a small group, this format works really well, since you will all have a chance to ask questions and dig deeper into topics you're curious about.

Look for a longer tour.

Small group tours tend to be less taxing than larger group tours. There are fewer people to push past, and there's less waiting. As such, you can probably enjoy a longer tour than you'd enjoy with a big group. Take advantage of this opportunity to book a 6 or 8-hour experience if one is available.

Get to know your guide.

On a smaller tour, you'll get more chances to talk one-on-one with your guide, so take advantage of them. Say "hello" if you arrive a few minutes before the tour starts. Introduce yourself and ask about them, too. Tour guides tend to be really interesting people with good backstories and great knowledge of a region. They're people you want to meet, and a small group tour allows for that.

Ask for recommendations.

As you're walking along, don't hesitate to ask the tour guide for recommendations when the chance comes up. If they're talking about coffee, for instance, ask them where a good coffee shop is. A small group tour allows for this personalized chit-chat, and you can get some good ideas of places to go later.

With the tips above, you can turn a good group tour into an awesome one. You'll have a great time and learn a lot.

To explore your options, contact a private tour group provider in your area.