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Why Tourists Are Flocking To The Puerto Plata Region

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The Dominican North Coast is now a hotspot of international tourism. Once the favorite of Canadian and European snowbirds, the Puerto Plata region now receives visitors from all over the world. In particular, Americans have learned of the beauty of the area and are flocking to Cabarete, Puerto Plata and Sosua.

Here are some of the qualities that bring people to the Dominican North Coast.

  • Rich History Found Here

Jewish immigrants settled Sosua in the late-1930s. They were escaping the atrocities of the Hitler regime in Nazi Germany. President Trujillo provided these refugees with land from a former banana farm to improve as they saw fit. They did not let Trujillo down, creating a successful small town on the North Coast.

Visitors to Sosua see museums, synagogues and restaurants that still speak to the German Jewish origins of this Caribbean municipality.

  • Towns are Foreigner Friendly

Because of the history of Sosua, the North Coast has long been friendly to outsiders. Tourists feel comfortable walking around the area day or night. There are large expatriate communities who live here on a long-term basis. It is usually possible for visitors to find someone who speaks their language.

  • There is Convenient Transportation

Traveling around the North Coast is easy. The main airport is in Puerto Plata and provides convenient access to all the other cities.

It is best to pre-arrange Puerto Plata airport transfers before arrival, if possible. The shuttle driver will be waiting at the airport.

Those who do not have a reserved driver can get confused at the airport. The slew of independent cab drivers yelling to them in Spanish can be daunting. For this reason, making a transportation reservation is best.

  • Small Beach Towns are Relaxing Environments

In general, Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete are all small beach towns. After a while, everyone knows everyone else. It can be very relaxing to sit and drink a few beers with like-minded people.

  • Santiago is Nearby

For those who want the conveniences of city life, Santiago is only an hour away from most places along the North Coast. It is possible for tourists to get the same airport shuttle driver to take them on a day trip to Santiago. There, they will find shopping malls and movie theaters similar to the ones back home.

Getting to the North Coast

The main airport is Puerto Plata International (POP). Various airlines serve the region. After booking a flight, it always wise to make advanced transportation plans from the airport to the hotel, resort or apartment.