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3 Tips To Make Your European River Cruise A Success

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When you tell people that you are going on a cruise, they may think that you are going to go down to the Caribbean and take a cruise there. However, that's not the only place that you can go on tours and cruises. You may have decided to go to Europe and try a river cruise. These cruises will go up and down rivers like the Danube or the Rhone. Going on those river tours lets you go and explore some of the beautiful and old cities in Europe. If you are going to go on a river cruise, follow these tips so that your trip will be as fun as possible. 

Don't Overpack

River cruises are generally much less formal than other cruises are, so you don't have to worry about taking any super dressy clothes. A blazer for men and a nice dress for women should work well. The ships also generally have laundry facilities. You will either be able to access them on your own or the ship's staff will be glad to do your laundry for you. Since you are on a river, you will be able to get into cities most every day, so you can always go to a store and get anything you need. Packing light will also help you avoid the airline's weight limits. So, pack things that mix and match so that you can take the most advantage of your wardrobe.

Get a Plug Converter

European plugs are different than what you will find in the US. Some boats will offer US style outlets. However, you can buy a converter for a reasonably inexpensive price. It won't hurt you to have one, just in case. They are small enough that they can be tucked right into your bag without taking up too much space. 

Get Some Cash

Before you leave the US, get some cash you can use on your trip. Your bank may not have foreign money on hand, but they can order what you need in a day or two. Airports may also offer you a place that you can get your cash changed. Most European countries use the Euro. However, there are a few that don't. Check out what kind of money all the countries on your route take. Keep in mind that your credit or debit card may not be usable or accepted everywhere you go, so get more cash than you might think you need. You should also get some traveler's checks that you can cash in for local currency. 

A river cruise is a completely different kind of thing than an ocean cruise. Instead of lots of ocean you will get to see ever changing landscape. Being prepared will help you have a great trip.