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What to Pack for a Cabin Stay in the Winter

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If you're going on a winter vacation and plan on staying in a cabin, there are a few things that you can pack to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Take the cold weather into consideration when making your packing list and planning your winter adventure. 

Cabins make the perfect retreat as they are often in rural locations, such as cabins in Broken Bow, OK. Others are nestled into mountains, in farmland, or deep in the forest, depending on what type of activities you'd like to do during your stay. 

During the cold winter months, cozy cabins can provide the perfect accommodations when you want to ice fish, snowshoe, snowmobile, ski, or snowboard the day away. Many cabins feature fireplaces, so you'll have a warm place to come back to at the end of the day. 

Cabin accommodations are ideal for both solo trips as well as family vacations. You'll find cabins of every size and price range to best fit your needs. If you're planning your trip during the busiest times of winter, such as during the holiday season, book far in advance to get the best cabin options and prices.

After your cabin reservation is set, here are some things to consider bringing with you:

1. Portable Heater 

Although cabins are typically known for their roaring fires, they may be able to heat just one room effectively. If you're staying in an older cabin, there may be small cracks where frigid wind can get through.

Keep everyone in your group warm by bringing a small portable heater. Before plugging it in, check to make sure the cabin's electrical outlets can handle the wattage, or you may blow a fuse. If it's a large cabin rental, bring a heater for each bedroom.

2. Games

If the winter weather turns too nasty to enjoy outdoor activities, having some board games on hand will help you combat cabin fever. Choose family-friendly board and card games that will engage your entire family. Books and magazines will also provide entertainment if you lose power due to a snowstorm.

3. Warm Apparel 

Warm apparel to wear inside the cabin is just as important as what you wear outside. For instance, wood cabin floors may get cold in the winter, so pack cozy fleece-lined slippers or thermal socks to protect your feet.

Other ideas include fleece leggings or pajama pants, flannel and thermal shirts, sweat pants, and sweatshirts. Bring clothing pieces that you can layer to create the perfect level of comfort.